MATLAB Live Scripts
Multivariable Calculus & ODEs

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Interactive activities for learning mathematics and MATLAB


  1. Introduction: Preview / mlx
  2. Slope fields: Preview / mlx
  3. Euler's method: Preview / mlx
  4. ODE solvers: Preview / mlx
  5. Simple Harmonic Motion: Preview / mlx
  6. Plotting surfaces: Preview / mlx
  7. Contour diagrams: Preview / mlx
  8. Partial derivatives: Preview / mlx
  9. Critical points: Preview / mlx

How to open mlx files?

  • Download mlx

    First download the mlx file that you need to your computer.

  • Sign up or Create an account in MATLAB Mathworks

    You can do this here:

  • Upload your file

    Once you access MATLAB online, drag and drop the mlx file to your MATLAB Drive located on the left-side column:

  • Open your file

    Finally, on the left-side column locate your mlx file and double click to open it.

    That's it! 😃