A mathematical formula should never be "owned" by anybody!
Donald Knuth, Digital Typography, ch1, p. 8 (1999).

Hi there! I'm Juan Carlos. I am a mathematician living in Brisbane where
I teach mathematics and work on the design and integration of
online learning modules and interactive mathematical applets.

Here you can find all my mathematics projects and sketches
written in p5.js and other programming languages.

For other projects visit jcponce.com

Domain Coloring

A set of online tools to visualize complex functions.

Strange Attractors

3D interactive strange attractors.

Discrete Fourier Transform

Approximating and drawing closed curves with epicyles.

GeoGebra Snowflakes

Precipitation simulation and interactive collisions with snowflakes designed by the GeoGebra community.

Complex Mapping

Visualization of complex functions as mappings.


Different examples of flocking.

mandelbrot julia fractals

Mandelbrot & Julia Sets

Interactive visualization of fractals.

velocity fields

Velocity Fields

Visualizing systems of ODEs.


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