Three.js Applets

A collection of interactive mathematical applets made with Three.js


Here, you'll find a collection of my interactive animations created using Three.js, a powerful JavaScript library for rendering 3D graphics in the browser. These demos primarily explore mathematical concepts through engaging and visually appealing animations.

As I embarked on this journey, I relied on several fantastic learning resources that I'd like to share with you:

  • Three.js Documentation: The official documentation is an invaluable resource for understanding the core concepts and functionalities of Three.js.
  • Three.js Journey: A great course by Bruno Simon, to discover the various components of Three.js.
  • Robot Bobby's YouTube Channel: Creative coding and code art tutorials. Mostly with THREE.js, JavaScript, and shaders.
  • MathBox: A library, built on top of Three.js and ShaderGraph, for rendering presentation-quality math diagrams in a browser using WebGL. Created by Steven Wittens.

Whether you're passionate about math, 3D graphics, or both, I hope you enjoy these live demonstrations and find the resources helpful. To open the demo, just click on the image! 👇😃


3D Surface plotter

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